Dashboard Widgets Software

TheDashboard Clocks

Brings on your dashboard the best Clock Widgets.

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SMS Widget

Send text messages to mobile phones for free

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BBC News Widget

Displays on its front face the latest news headlines from BBC

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Check your email account every time Dashboard is activated

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Top Download in Dashboard Widgets

Editors' Picks In Dashboard Widgets

New Update in Dashboard Widgets

  • Canadian Weather Forecast 4.8

    Canadian Weather Forecast offers users with an easy to use yet smart widget which enables you to incorporate all the available Weather Office information including Weather Warnings, Air Quality Information, Weather Watches, Humidex and Windchill information and, now, 7day forecasts!

  • Birthstone Picker 3.1

    Birthstone Picker is addressed at a very useful and versatile Dashboard widget that alows you to search by month and it will display your birthstone.

  • Dog Year Calculator 2.1

    Dog Year Calculator is described as a convenient-to-use as well as professional Dashboard widget that simply calculates the age of your dog and converts it from people years into dog years.

  • Population Counter 4.2

    Population Counter offers users with an easy to use and smart program which enables you to simply calcuate the population of the world.

    Freeware|Category:Reference Widgets
  • Chronological Age 1.1

    Chronological Age brings you the convenience of using an efficient and advanced Dashboard widget that allows you to calculate your chronological age.

  • Calorie Tracker 4.2

    Calorie Tracker is designed as a convenient and flexible software with an aim to search a database of over 75,000 processed, natural and fast foods.


New Release in Dashboard Widgets

  • notefile 1.0

    notefile is developed to be an interesting as well as helpful tool which lets you make quick notes and view them quickly, from anywhere.

    Freeware |Download Now(799KB)

  • Quaik 1.0.8

    Quaik gives you much satisfaction with this smart and valuable mailer for single or bulk mailing.

    Shareware|Download Now(1.2 MB)

  • Simsen 3.3

    Simsen is addressed at a very efficient and versatile German widget to send SMS over the Internet.

    Freeware|Download Now(343 KB)

  • TunesTEXT 0.8.11

    TunesTEXT is a Dashboard widget that displays lyrics of the song currently playing in iTunes.

    Freeware|Download Now(624 KB)

  • F@H WUdget 1.5.7

    F@H WUdget is created to be an ideal and complete widget which delivers your Folding@Home user, team and client information to dashboard.

    Freeware|Download Now(322 KB)

  • FireRocker 1.03

    FireRocker is appreciated to be an ideal and effective program which lets you listen to over 390 stations including ESPN, BBC, Virgin Radio, and many others on your Mac!

    Shareware|Download Now(4.9 MB)

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