Dropbox 1.2.52

Dropbox 1.2.52

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Mac OS X 10.4 or later
March 14th, 2012

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Dropbox 1.2.52 Description

Dropbox 1.2.52 is made to be a smart and proper program which will make secure backup, sync and sharing a lot easier than ever before. You just have to simply put your files into your Dropbox folder and you will be able to get to them from anywhere. Also you can collaborate with your friends and co-workers and share photos, documents, music. 

Major Features:
  1. File Sync - Dropbox allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically:
    • 2GB of online storage for free, with up to 100GB available to paying customers.
    • Sync files of any size or type.
    • Sync Windows, Mac and Linux computers.
    • Automatically syncs when new files or changes are detected.
    • Work on files in your Dropbox even if you're offline. Your changes sync once your computer has an Internet connection again.
    • Dropbox transfers will correctly resume where they left off if the connection drops.
    • Efficient sync - only the pieces of a file that changed (not the whole file) are synced. This saves you time.
    • Doesn't hog your Internet connection. You can manually set bandwidth limits.
    • Shared folders allow several people to collaborate on a set of files.
    • You can see other people's changes instantly.
    • A "Public" folder that lets you link directly to files in your Dropbox.
    • Control who is able to access shared folders (including ability to kick people out and remove the shared files from their computers).
    • Automatically create shareable online photo galleries from folders of photos in your Dropbox.
    • Online Backup - Dropbox backs up your files online without you having to think about it:
    • Automatic backup of your files.
    • Undelete files and folders.
    • Restore previous versions of your files.
    • 30 days of undo history, with unlimited undo available as a paid option.
  2. File Sharing - Sharing files is simple and can be done with only a few clicks:
    • Manipulate files as you would on your desktop - add, edit, delete, rename etc.
    • Search your entire Dropbox for files.
    • A "Recent Events" feed that shows you a summary of activity in your Dropbox.
    • Create shared folders and invite people to them.
    • Recover previous versions of any file or undelete deleted files.
    • View photo galleries created automatically from photos in your Dropbox.
  3. Web Access - A copy of your files are stored on Dropbox's secure servers. This lets you access them from any computer or mobile device:
    • Shared folders are viewable only by people you invite.
    • All transmission of file data and metadata occurs over an encrypted channel (SSL).
    • All files stored on Dropbox servers are encrypted (AES-256) and are inaccessible without your account password.
    • Dropbox website and client software have been hardened against attacks from hackers.
    • Dropbox employees are not able to view any user's files.
    • Online access to your files requires your username and password.
    • Public files are only viewable by people who have a link to the file(s). Public folders are not browsable or searchable.
  4. Security & Privacy - Dropbox takes the security and privacy of your files very seriously:
    • Access your Dropbox on the go.
    • View your files on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
    • Download files for offline viewing.
    • Take photos and videos and sync them to your Dropbox.
    • Share links to files in your Dropbox.
    • View interactive photo galleries.
    • Sync downloaded files so they're up-to-date.
  5. Mobile Device Access - The free Dropbox iPhone app lets you:
  • Dropbox account
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