Easy Books 2.0

Easy Books 2.0

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OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor
June 8th, 2012

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Easy Books 2.0 Description

Easy Books 2.0 is made to be a smart and proper business bookkeeping, invoicing and time-tracking for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It includes a demo business and 120 transactions so you can see if you like it. You can update to limitless transactions for all your businesses. Note the one off charge for this. This model means you can add features you need using in-app purchases without paying for the features you won't use. 

Easy Books is Ideal for small businesses and 'one man bands', this app allows you to keep track of all your accounts, including bank accounts, sales and purchase invoices, expenses, earnings and assets (including depreciation). For bank and credit card accounts, you can reconcile your statements in the app. Entering information is easy and quick. You can also save time when entering similar transactions by duplicating an existing transaction and setting the date.

You can also set recurring transactions to match your standing orders (such as pay day). Easy Books automatically creates these transactions as they become due according to your schedule (weekly, every two weeks, monthly and so on).

Major Features:
  1. Financial Reporting:
    • A full double-entry accounting package that not only maintains the accounts, but also performs financial reports such as:
      • Profit and Loss 
      • Balance Sheet 
      • Trial Balance 
      • Audit 
      • VAT return (cash, standard and flat rate) 
      • Customers' and Suppliers' Aged Debt 
      • Monthly breakdown and budget analysis 
      • Cash Flow Statement
    • All reports can be exported from the app by email. The output format is HTML which can be imported into other applications such as Excel. 
    • Add any number of sales and purchase VAT accounts, each with a specific rate. Easy Books automatically calculates the amounts for you.
  2. Value Added Tax:
    • Invoices and delivery notes can be generated in PDF format and printed or saved to send by email to your customer. You can set the company logo, addresses, reference, payment terms and so on to customise the invoice for your business. Sending the invoice by email is available by making an in-app purchase for "Customer Invoicing". Once purchased, there is no restriction on the number of invoices you can send. You can also prepare your customer statements and email them too.
    • Transactions can split over many lines if you require, so for example, if you raise a sales invoice for a customer, you can add a separate line for each item on the invoice. 
  3. Customer Invoicing:
    • Track time spent working for different customers. Set your billing rates and the app will generate a sales entry for your customer as well as keep a record of all your hours worked and what you were doing. This optional extra comes with 10 entries to try it out. If you don't need it, its easy to turn off completely to keep the user interface clean and simple. 
  4. Time Tracking:
    • Backing up is easy, and the backup file is compatible with the iOS version of Easy Books. You could also try online syncing service that provides continuous online backup and synchronises between all devices running the app, Mac to Mac or iPad/iPhone to Mac.
  5. Backup and Restore:
  • Added support for creating estimates/quotations.
  • Added keyboard shortcut to add items such as transactions, splits, time entries (Cmd +).
  • Added a setting to show or hide the rate name in invoices created from Time-Tracker.
  • Added an option for custom email body text for invoices and statements.
  • Statement date field now allows text entry.
  • Time entries on Time-Tracker can be entered in text format (in 24 hour or 12 hour plus "PM" format).
  • Invoice footer colour changed from blue to dark grey.
  • Dates and times are presented in local time (backups, reports).
  • Devices that have not connected to the Online Sync system in the last 90 days are removed from the system automatically.
  • Changed column heading for sales and purchases to read "Invoice Number" instead of "Description".
  • Improved keyboard navigation on transaction editor popup to allow account selection by arrow keys and return key with tab to select next field.
  • Fixed issue where pressing "today" button could set the wrong date.
  • Fixed issue where the user preference for "always show incl-tax" was sometimes ignored.
  • Fixed issue where blue dots were not displayed in Online Sync to show new events.
  • Fixed issue where inactive container accounts were not hidden in account category selection menu.
  • Fixed issue where setting report format to CSV saved in HTML if Finder preferences were set to hide file extension.
  • OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor
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