Freeway Pro 5.6.4

Freeway Pro 5.6.4

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Mac OS X 10.5 or later
March 12th, 2012

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Freeway Pro 5.6.4 Description

Freeway Pro 5.6.4 is considered as a simple as well as useful program with which you can create professional websites that look exactly the way you want – without writing any code. Whether you’re new to web design, a pro wanting to put sites together in a jiffy, or you and code simply don’t get along (it happens), Freeway Pro is the ideal solution for you. 

  • Simple yet powerful:
    • Freeway Pro strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and power. The layout tools at its core let you design visually and as fast as possible. Once you’re happy with your designs it will convert your lovingly laid out pages into beautifully crafted, standards-compliant code. Not only that, but its intelligent publishing will make sure only the changes you’ve made are uploaded.
  • Take control:
    • Freeway Pro is just as easy to use as Freeway Express but with many more options and far greater control. You aren’t tied to using any particular layouts or templates. And you definitely don’t have to know any code to make changes. You are the designer. Freeway Pro puts you back in control of your designs.
  • Push the boundaries:
    • The web is constantly evolving, with new concepts and ideas being thought up every day. As a Freeway Pro user you don’t have to miss out on any of this. Add new functionality in an instant with hundreds of free Actions, the powerful plug-in technology built into Freeway Pro.
  • Harness your inner coder:
    • If you like to dabble with code, that’s fine too. You can easily inject any code you like into your pages. So, whether you want to make dynamic PHP driven sites, add some neat JavaScript effects, or a cool widget you found on the web, Freeway Pro will make sure it appears exactly where you want.
  • Speed of a...:
    • You can design so quickly in Freeway Pro that making site prototypes takes minutes. And, because the code that’s generated is standards-compliant, you can even hand them over to developers to complete. The once painful task of editing sites also becomes a simple one in Freeway Pro, making you a happy designer and, more importantly, your clients happy customers.
  • Save time, save money:
    • Whether you’re making a site for yourself, an email newsletter for your business, or multiple sites for others, Freeway Pro can make everything look the way you want in the time available – leaving you to get on with your life, your business, or the next site.
Major Features:
  1. Galleries & slideshows:
    • Showcase your photos with Freeway’s automatic gallery and slideshow generator
    • Create accessible and search engine friendly navigation menus
  2. Navigation menus:
    • Make your site flex, grow dynamically, or pixel perfect with CSS-based layouts
  3. Flexible CSS layouts:
    • Generate email newsletters optimized for all common email clients
  4. Email newsletters:
    • Get detailed information about how people are using your site
  5. Track site usage:
    • Spread the word through Twitter and Facebook buttons
  6. Social media buttons:
    • Create sites in any language
  7. International text support:
    • Increase site traffic with Google sitemaps
  8. Search engine optimization:
    • Make money with Google Ads, Amazon Affiliates, and Freeway Shop
  9. Generate income:
    • Save time and increase productivity with Master Pages for common content
  10. Master Pages:
    • Automatically optimize sites and movies for mobile devices
  11. Automatic mobile device support:
    • Import professional graphic files, including Photoshop and Illustrator
  12. Support for professional graphic files:
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
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