MacJournal 6.0

MacJournal 6.0

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Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6
July 12th, 2012

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MacJournal 6.0 Description

MacJournal 6.0 comes as a useful tool that is packed with so many features and enhancements that you can turn it into your own personal writing playground. Select one of the many icons included to mark your entries and journals or use one of your own. Add a mood – are you happy or just so-so? Sort your journals by Topic, Date, Mood, Content Size and more. If you’re the business type, you can use the Statistics menu to view Words, Characters and Lines in an entry.

If you like a disciplined approach to your journal keeping, set aside time every day to write and use the Timer to monitor yourself. When you want to see just how prolific a writer you are, select the Timeline Mode to view your daily writing activity chronologically, or the Calendar Mode to see your entries by month and year. There’s also a Full Screen Mode to give you a full writing landscape for all your thoughts choosing your own color background and your own color of type. Let your writing canvas be as unique as the words that will go on it.


    • Added a new Timeline View Mode showing a visual timeline of entries in any or all journals
    • Added a Calendar View Mode that shows entries (and their titles) from any or all journals
    • Added sidebar Navigation Modes, that allow you to display entries in your sidebar organized by Date, Tags, Priority, Status, Mood, Rating or Label
    • Added support for Posterous blogs
    • Added support for Tumblr blogs
    • Added support for uploading images to Imgur and Dropbox
    • Added a Trash where deleted entries go instead of being deleted right away
    • Added a Books feature for creating books specially formatted for publishing (online ordering of hard copy versions of your book will be available in a forthcoming update)
    • Added word count goals and progress tracking
    • Added geolocation to new and existing entries
    • Added custom icons for entries and journals (choose from a built-in list or use your own file)
    • Added a timer/stopwatch
    • Added zooming support for images and PDF files
    • Added "New entry from Web Page"
    • Added support to turn web archives into editable rich text files using the "Make Rich Text" menu item
    • Added a way to edit textual entries in another application from the Edit menu
    • Added a way to insert a picture taken directly from iSight
    • Added Blockquote toolbar item
    • Added Mood field for entries
    • Added Due Date for entries
    • Added a "Link" field for entries
    • Added browser window for backups with the ability to restore selected entries or all data
    • Added simple mbox exporting
    • Added EPub exporting
    • Added support for import droplets for non-main documents
    • Added support for Lion full screen, and renamed the existing Full Screen feature to Focused Editing
    • Adding importing of Web Archives by dragging a URL into the sidebar
    • Added automatic Picasa configuration for uploading images when auto-configuring a blog
    • Redesigned the Info Bar to allow for customizing field layouts
    • Redesigned the Inspector to show only one section at a time, allowing more information to be in each section, such as the various dates for Journals
    • Added support for tags and annotation in HTML exporting
    • Added a bunch of easy links to sign up for free blogs when setting up a blog
    • Added support for copy and paste of whole entries or journals between documents
    • Added "Back Up" menu item to the File menu
    • Added an Image Properties window in the Format->Text menu for controlling image sizes
    • Before synchronizing a mobile device, a backup is also made of the remote device contents
    • Re-implemented encryption support to keep everything in memory and avoid any decrypted content hitting the hard disk
    • Added Go to Today to the View menu, which acts like clicking on the current date in the calendar
    • Added a Journal Search to Smart Journals, thus allowing Smart Journals to search everything by default
    • Added a time zone property to entries and an option to display dates for that entry using the original time zone
    • Added a pref to lock journals when switching to another application.
    • Added Find and Replace window to find and replace sections of text over multiple entries and documents
    • Added Flag toolbar item (that was previously hidden)
    • Added a list of "related files" for each entry that are stored inside the data file and can be opened separately
    • Added an option to export related files (including recordings) for entries when exporting entries individually
    • Improved emailing entries with styling and/or attachments when the default email client is Apple’s Mail app
    • Added "Export All" to the File menu, which shows when the Option key is down. It allows for easy exporting of all data
    • Added a button to refresh blog categories when posting an entry
    • Added a new Clean Up action to remove checked or unchecked lines
    • Added a preference to change the playback rate of recordings
    • Changed the Add Selection as Tag to use the entire selection as the tag, not just the first word
    • Changed the various Inspector views to be a scrollable area that can be resized smaller to fit on smaller screens
    • Added an option to print the entry background color or picture
    • Improved the Entries List to ignore multiple references to the same entry via nested Smart Journals
    • Improved word count support for non-Roman scripts, such as Chinese
    • Made Journaler import friendlier by asking you if you want to import from the default location
    • Moved the Move To and Copy To menu items to the Edit menu since they work on whatever is selected, not just entries
    • Redesigned the Blog Settings window
    • The Inspector window will now track what is selected in separate entry editing windows
    • When importing a single file, the resulting entry will be automatically selected
    • When printing more than one entry, each entry will start on its own page
    • Added Edit Smart Journal to the journal contextual menu
    • Added a manual way to install the MacJournal PDF Service for when that is not installed by default
    • Added support for importing the file dumps of WordPress and Blogger blogs
    • Added a way to toggle the editability of entries from the Entry menu
    • Added an "Import" section to the Advanced preferences with prefs for importing tags and treatment of plain text files
    • Added an HTML5 template
    • Added "Use as Template" to the Entry menu to set the currently selected entry as the template for its journal
    • Added support for pausing recording
    • Allowed the separate entry edit window to open any kind of entry, not just textual ones
    • Added an Info button to the Entry Template window to control any entry metadata
    • All months in the little calendar view will have the left/center/right arrows
    • Added the "include related files" checkbox for Automatic exports
    • When an entry is selected and the Entries List is selected but the window focus is in the sidebar, use the journal that is selected there instead of the entry that is "really" selected
    • Improved Move to Trash to be more like the outright deletion of old and select the previous item in the list
    • Improved the Individual Files backup to back up all entries modified since the last successful backup, not just since app launch
    • Changed the hidden pref for changing the Insert Date & Time format to use the new formatting syntax from OS X 10.4 and later. It’s a new key, so old setting will still work
    • Fixed behavior of the Entry and File buttons in the Link sheet, including when editing a book
    • Changed the I-beam in Focused Editing Mode to be proportional to the text instead of always 200%
    • Exposed the Info Bar toolbar item
    • Added the ability to "create" an entry in a smart journal. The effect is the same as dragging the entry onto the smart journal to apply the search for it to that entry
    • Added hidden pref UseBreakTagsForParagraphBreaksForBlogs to use
      instead of paragraph tags for sending to blogs
    • Improved the quit experience a bit when there is a pending backup. You’ll see the progress sheet and then the app will quit automatically
    • Option-clicking the Back Up toolbar item will schedule a backup for when the application is idle, just like the normal daily backup
    • Added support for sorting by word count and displaying it in the Entries list
    • The selection path at the bottom of the window will update with journal name and entry topic changes
    • Removed the "Ruler Units" preference as this is better handled at the system level
    • If the "Insert Date" or "Time" actions are chosen and the date formatting preferences say to omit those items when formatting dates, they are added back in on the assumption that you really wanted a date or time
    • Added a close box to Focused Editing, visible whenever the auto-scroll button is also visible.
    • Removed all Tiger- and Leopard-specific code
    • Selecting multiple journals and creating a new entry will make a new entry in each journal and open all in tabs
    • PDFs attached in entry text will be embedded in exported HTML, not just linked
    • Added "Page Break" to the "Insert" menu. The page break will be respect in a paginated view, like a book or a print
    • Improved searching from the toolbar so the search is added to the recent searches list more often
    • Searching from the toolbar will be case insensitive for tags
    • Moved the "None" item below "5" in the Priority lists
    • Extended annotations to journals
    • Started converting the new text separators to in HTML formatting
    • Added support for tag in an entry template to add a list of other entries in that journal, good for use on a sidebar
    • Added a menu action to insert a blog-specific page splitting string, such as
    • Added a "Clear Rating" button in the Entry Inspector
    • Added a prompt to delete the entry from a blog when it is moved to the Trash (similar to the old prompt when deleting the entry)
    • Added hidden pref InfoBarControlSize to control the size of the controls in the Info Bar
    • Added hidden prefs to control whether JavaScript, Java, and plug-ins are enabled when viewing web content
    • Removed the Entry Statuses window
    • "New Tab" will now create an empty tab by default, from which you can select something
    • Added a "Plain" toolbar item to reset the selected text back to the default style
    • Allowed the "Change Date" toolbar item to work on selected journals as well
    • Holding the Option key when clicking a date in the calendar will temporarily reverse the "Can create entries in calendar" preference
    • Days with more than one entry in them will show a pull down indicator in the calendar
    • The attachments popover will now allow you to see the original file if the attachment is an alias, or reconnect it if it can’t be found
    • Added a "Table" item to the Edit→Insert menu
    • Added a "Links" popover next to the Attachments popover in the bottom bar for text entries
    • Changed Focused Editing (nee Full Screen) to use standard overlay scrollers on Lion
    • Added an option to add the current recording time to new lines in a textual entry as you type them
    • Posting to Blogger will be more persistant about sending images to a Picasa album if you didn’t set one up
    • Changed the calendar to respect the system "first day of week" preference and removed the app-specific preference
    • Changed Hidden Preferences from checkbox soup to a structured list that is searchable.
    • When the Entries list is open, selecting a journal in the sidebar will return to the last selected entry in that journal
    • Added the standard Info Bar to separate entry editing windows
    • Added command to swap the selected alias with its original entry
    • Changed the text searching to be more "fuzzy", even with multiple terms
    • When the display of date and/or time is disabled in the Advanced preferences, it will no longer be shown above the entry in the main window
    • Added a "Move Focus To" menu in the View menu to expose previously-hidden actions for the F-keys
    • The Entries List now only shows entries, including those in nested journals in the selected journal
    • Added a "Select" menu in the view menu to change select in the frontmost document without the mouse.
    • Added a checkbox to the "This journal is locked" message to encrypt the data automatically in the future
    • Added a way to track how long an entry has been edited
    • Added support for reading older data straight from an iOS device (pre-2.0)
    • Improved "Recover Entries" to try and put the misplaced content back with the actual original entry if it can
    • Changed the hidden pref that targeted links in exported HTML to "_blank" to rel="external".
    • Changed the view for selected journals to avoid usability duplication
    • Made backups work in the background better as well, but you will still have to wait to load additional entries during a backup
    • Added the Entry Statuses window for visualizing all entry statuses at once and allowing for bulk movement
    • Added a way to edit the entry template for a journal from the Journal menu
    • If you only select one entry to send to a blog, it will always send it to the blog, even if the entry hasn’t changed since the last time MacJournal thought it sent it
    • Added the Back Up toolbar icon to the non-hidden list
    • Added entry summary to the vertical Entries List. Select 0–3 lines of entry text to show
    • Demoted the "Show Entries List after Sidebar selection" pref to a hidden pref
    • Added a "Reset All" button to the Hidden pref pane to reset the hidden prefs
    • Added a way to show a contextual inspector next to any item in the sidebar
    • Slimmed the character and word count in the main window to just words
    • Added individual "Insert Date" and "Insert Time" menu actions
    • When editing a previously uploaded post, MacJournal will attempt to re-use the attachments it already uploaded to a server
    • Added "Reset Modification Date" toolbar item, hidden for now
    • Added a way to export data in a format that version 5 can open
    • Added "label" as a supported search for smart journals
    • Added relative date capability ("in the last n days") for smart journals
    • Added per-blog options for formatting line breaks, character encoding, and using Markdown styling
    • Added the standard bottom bar to the regular entry edit window
    • Improved what happens when you add a date row to the smart journal settings sheet (any date) and choose the "is" or "is not" operator
    • Made the previously hidden Clean Up toolbar item generally available (which has the items from the Clean Up menu in Format)
    • If there is no text selected when entering the Edit Link sheet, the last text copied is used as a starter
    • Added "Automatic" as an export option which exports the entry in its native format
    • Added hidden pref ShowDateInQuickNote to show a date field in the Quick Note window
    • Added a way to post an entry as a draft to servers that support it
    • Changing the selected entry’s date with the calendar showing that date will make sure the new date is still visible
    • Added hidden pref ResizeTextAttachmentsOnDisk, which will save out a resized image instead of the full-size image and custom size
    • When sending to blogs, TIFFs will become PNGs, since the latter has broader browser support
    • When "display multi-page PDFs" is turned off, the PDF will show its filename
    • Changed the key combinations for Zoom in/out to get out of the way of accessibility zooming but also made it work for web views
    • Blogger blogs no longer say that you need to configure an attachment server since it uses Picasa by default
    • Background pictures for entries and journals are now stored inside the data file
    • Added a new Timeline View Mode showing a visual timeline of entries in any or all journals
    • Fixed a problem imported files that are locked in the Finder and then not being able to edit them afterwards
    • Fixed more problems exporting trees of entries to individual HTML files
    • Fixed a problem tabbing around fields in the Quick Note window after the first time it is brought up
    • Fixed an issue pressing Return on a line with just "1." (with no space) which would delete the "1."
    • Like the earlier change for time or date only, if both Date and Time Styles are set to None and you insert Date and Time, it will insert something instead of nothing
    • For either the small calendar or the big calendar view mode, an entry will only show up once, no matter how many aliases or smart journal references there are to it
    • Fixed issues exporting a list of items including nested journals to HTML files
    • When moving the display to find a selected date, the calendar, which displaying more than one month, will try to center the selected month instead of putting that month first
    • Fixed a problem where removing an item from a journal and then selecting that journal in some cases with the Entries List open would cause the removed item to be selected again
    • Downloaded posts will try to retain more tags that it can’t convert to RTF, naming embed, lj-cut, and lj-user
    • Fixed an issue where syncing with a touch device with an entry that never had any content before but now does on one machine wouldn’t sync the content
    • Fixed an issue downloading Tumblr posts and misinterpreting the server data
    • Fixed adding or removing common words from the configuration window in the Statistics sheet
    • Fixed issue removing tag from Change Tags sheet
    • Fixed a bug changing from Picture background to None
    • Fixed a hang printing an entry with an image
    • Fixed a problem syncing large libraries with non-textual entries syncing with an iOS device
    • Fixed a problem where pasting styled text from Chrome would lose the styling.
    • Fixed display of shaded dates in calendar view year mode.
    • Fixed a regression where text editing wasn’t shared between two windows editing the same entry.
    • Fixed issue bringing up Quick Note with no entry selected.
    • Fixed a problem where dragging an entry onto some smart journals searching for a tag wouldn’t apply that tag to the entry.
    • Fixed a problem where the find panel would not work correctly in separate entry editing windows
    • Tried to work around an OS crash related to syncing that’s been around for a while
    • Fixed an issue undoing a drag to an entry with that entry selected
    • Fixed some cases where right-clicking an image in a text entry and picking a new size would not work
    • Fixed an issue exporting a single plain text entry with the "Automatic" export type
    • Refactored entry text searching to block the UI even less and hopefully avoid a rare crash
    • Fixed an issue displaying apostrophes as the name of a Blogger blog after auto-configuration
    • Changing the selection in the main window should no longer affect what is shown in the path field at the bottom of separate editing windows
    • Fixed an issue auto-detecting new "Dynamic" Blogger blogs
    • Fixed behavior of hidden pref UsePlainTextByDefault for existing entries
    • Fixed print layout of non-first pages when page numbers are enabled
    • Fixed crash with printing on 10.6
    • Fixed an issue showing the correct font and color in the Entry Template editor in certain situations
    • Fixed a crash in some situations when trashing a smart journal when there are other smart journals in the document
    • Fixed a crash using word count goals
    • Fixed a crash importing a text file and trying to discover entries within that file
    • Fixed a regression setting a password while locking a journal
    • Fixed a crash when using Random Entry without any entries
    • Fixed category assignment for WordPress/Movable Type blogs
    • Fixed some various issues decrypting journals
    • Fixed a visual issue dragging images from the text area
    • Fixed the Text Zoom item in the menu bar
    • Fixed an issue where inserting a checkbox right after an image would just duplicate the image
    • Fixed the entry template window so it saves correctly again
    • Fixed an issue opening and closing the sidebar or entries list while text zooming
    • Fixed the titlebar on the separate calendar window
    • Fixed behavior of hidden pref UsePlainTextByDefault for existing entries
    • Fixed an issue where adding a new entry in the entry selection window for making a link and hitting Return after naming it would move the selection to the top
    • Fixed a crash using Quick Note and then switching applications
    • Fixed an exception while selecting multiple entries
    • Fixed a crash auto-configuring WordPress blogs
    • Fixed a problem preventing saving changes to tags in the Info bar when switching entries with focus in that field
    • Fixed a possible crash when quitting
    • Fixed a crash trying to delay future-dated entries posting to a blog
    • Fixed a problem using nested smart journals that search entry content so that it correctly combines the searches
    • Fixed an issue with automatic list detection and decimal tab stops
    • Fixed a problem were wiki links to non-existent entries would actually create a new journal instead of placing it in the same journal
    • Fixed a crash when attaching a file from the popover inspector when originated from the sidebar
    • Switching journals will no longer clear changes in Quick Note
    • Improved the error reporting for the blog configuration when the blog address is not correct
    • Pressing the Escape key should no longer close the backup or sync status sheets, leaving the application in an unusable state
  • Mac OS 10.6.8 or higher
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