Magican 1.2.0

Magican 1.2.0

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Magican Software Ltd|More programs
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
September 27th, 2012

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Magican 1.2.0 Description

Magican 1.2.0 brings a useful tool released with an aim to clean duplicates, cashes and leftovers. Help monitor systems, CPU usage and fan speed in real time. Ensure your Mac's security with Anti-Trojan and with other Magican features that both detect and remove viruses and scan all downloads. The Magican software center includes update reminders and an app uninstaller option. It also recommends exciting, free and discounted apps from the App Store!

Major Features:

  1. Mac scanner
    • One-Click Scan
      • Magican scans files with one click! Magican scans for uselss files (system caches, language, binaries and app leftovers) and for viruses and trojans.
    • One-Click Clean
      • Magican cleans Macs with a one-stop solution, regardless if you're cleaning infected files or redundant data, both can be permanently deleted or moved to the trash at will by using Magican.
    • Hot Scan Settings
      • Magican adds buttons to optimize basic settings, including scan downloads, monitor warnings and display temperature.
    • Scan Logs
      • Magican displays scanning results, such as total saved space, scans on downloads and scanning time, on the right-hand sidebare.
    • Delete Duplicates
      • One or more folders can be dragged directly into the induction zone in order to detect duplicates. All duplicate files can be listed checking and removal.
    • Clean Browser Caches
      • Cleaning those caches would make online browsing smoothly. Still Safari, Chrome and Firefox are supported.
    • Clean Languages Packs
      • Some apps contain their own language packs-which leads to several identical language packs existing on one Mac. Magican removes these redundant languages to help save space.
    • Clean Binaries
      • Useless binaries occupy a lot disk space. By cleaning binaries,you can make better use of that disk space.
    • Clean Caches and Logs
      • Magican detects and lists redundant system caches and logs. Removing them helps Macs run more smoothly.
    • Clean up Leftovers
      • Dragging apps to the trash leaves a lot of leftovers. Magican's one-click cleaning helos remove those leftovers in seconds.
  2. Clean up Mac
    • Quick Scan
      • Click the Quick Scan icon to quickly scan for the viruses on your Mac. Click remove to remove the viruses and related files in seconds.
    • Custom Scan
      • Magican scans for the specific files or folders that you select.
    • Full Scan
      • Detect each file on your Mac, even system files. Full scan help you safeguard your Mac against viruses and give you all-around protection.
    • Enable On-download Scanner
      • Turn on this feature enables Magican to auto-detect files downloaded from Safari, Chrome and Mail and gives pop-up notifications when any danger is detected.
  3. Security Center
    • Monitor System Data in Real-time
      • Magican monitors Mac with pictorial symbols easy for users to understand. Stat pictorials include: CPU, disk, memory, sensor and network speed.
    • Kill Unneeded Processes
      • Magican displays all running process on Mac, to get a clear view of processes that occupy CPU usage or memory. Users can stop any unneeded process with one-click.
    • Enable Fan Speed Adjustment
      • Magican enables users to adjust multiple fan speeds. Click the scrolling bar to speed up the fan and cool down your Mac.
    • Display Data in Floating Window
      • CPU usage and memory usage are displayed in a floating window, Users can move those displays to top menu bar to keep the desktop clean.
  4. Stat monitor
    • Recommended Free Apps
      • Magican will list all free, current and up-to-date apps by category for users to easily download. All discount software comes from the App Store.
    • Recommended Discount Software
      • Magican will list all discount software by category for users to find and download their desired apps easily. All discount software comes from the Mac App Store.
    • Software Update Reminder
      • Magican reminds you to install app updates when they are available from the Mac App Store.
    • Delete Apps Completely
      • Magican can completely uninstall unwanted apps, including all related unwanted files.
  5. Software center
    • Magican File
      • Magican File has been added to ToolBox and gives Magican an exciting search feature.
    • Magican Rest
      • Magican Rest has been added to ToolBox. You can use Magican Rest to preset the Mac rest-time.
    • Magican Document
      • Magican Document enables users to add(virtual) smart folders and to manage customized files.
  6. Toolbox
    • Display All Hardware Information
      • Hardware helps you monitor all of your Mac's hardware information. When you want to upgrade or sell your Mac, you can see these details as a reference.
    • Export Hardware Information
      • Using this Magican feature, Mac hardware information can be exported and saved as documents and images enabling users to easily share hardware information.
  7. Hardware
  • Redesigned home page with more information displayed on and shortcut settings added in
  • Simplify stats display in menubar
  • Unified Notification of OSX 10.8 style
  • Cleaner supports moving to trash
  • Newly developed "Duplicate Cleaner" with more visual operations
  • Added "Quarantine" to Security Center
  • Enables monitoring multiple fan speed and setting minimum speed
  • New Real-time network monitor
  • Optimized STATS
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