RBrowser 4.6.6

RBrowser 4.6.6

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Mac OS X 10.6 Intel
July 12th, 2012

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RBrowser 4.6.6 Description

RBrowser 4.6.6 gives you the chance to provide access to files on the local host as well as remote UNIX® systems with an easy-to-use graphical interface. RBrowser provides secure File transfers as well as Folder Sync that preserve HFS Metadata! RBrowser combines all the secure tools available on both the local and the remote system. The SFTP, SSH , PAX , the Bourne Shell, and SCP clients are all part of OSX. Other UNIX systems do not have pax but have the rest. Each have their strong points and their limitations as well.

SFTP is better for file transfers because unlike scp it can hold a continuous connection and create links. Ditto is used if both hosts are macs, so fork data is preserved during file transfers. SSH is used for file operations on the remote hosts, since SFTP has major limitations: for example it cannot make a copy of a file from on folder to another on the remote host! Also, SFTP does everything file-by-file, which takes a long time if it operates on a big file system. ssh, using a remote shell can do recursive file operations like rm, chmod very fast. Direct remote-to-remote operations require SCP. RBrowser automatically selects the best available tool for the job, so you do not even have to think about it! 

Major Features:

  1. Remote File System Browser using SFTP-SSH,FTP-SSL/TLS including Explicit and Implicit SSL
  2. Folder Sync on the Local Host
  3. Folder Sync from the Local Host to a Remote Host using SFTP-SSH or FTP
  4. Folder Sync from a Remote Host to the Local Host using SFTP-SSH
  5. Remote-to-Remote File Transfers between any hosts, regardless of protocol
  6. Direct secure file transfers between Remote hosts with SSH/SCP
  7. Auto Protocol Finder for first time logins
  8. Intelligent SFTP-SSH protocol that uses the best of both tools
  9. SFTP-SSH access through firewalls with tunneling (SSH-Proxy)
  10. Column, List or Icon View in all File Viewers
  11. Easy downloads/extracting of URL's
  12. Protocol Helper for browser's or other apps
  13. Drag and drop file transfers between Local and Remote hosts
  14. Drag and drop file transfers between the Finder and all RBrowser File Viewers
  15. Change (su) to root or another user after login with SSH
  16. Full connection transcript attached to every viewer
  17. Easy to see progress monitoring in the dock icon
  18. Site aliases on the desktop, with direct launch
  19. All FTP Modes Supported: Binary, Automatic and Text
  20. FTP File Transfer Restart
  21. Local File System Browser
  22. Open, edit, and automatic saveback of documents in any application
  23. Support for Firewalls (SOCKS v5, and Firewall toolkits)
  24. Local printing of documents while editing
  25. Character set translation in the browser
  26. Automatic display of available file system space
  27. Computes sizes of folders and file systems
  28. Inspector window displays file attributes
  29. Change file group, file owner (if root) and permissions
  30. Customizable appearance
  31. Automatic connection configuration
  32. Supports all document types known to local system
  33. Copy, move, remove, and rename files on remote system
  34. Compress/uncompress files or entire folders (both local and remote)
  35. Create/delete folders and symbolic links
  36. Duplicate files and folders
  • Compatibility update for OS 10.7
  • MacOSX 10.3 or above
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Download RBrowser 4.6.6
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