Typinator 5.0.1

Typinator 5.0.1

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Mac OS X 10.5 up to 10.7.x
March 12th, 2012

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Typinator 5.0.1 Description

Typinator 5.0.1 is made to be a smart and properautomatic text software that boosts your productivity and eliminates errors by automating the process of inserting frequently used text and graphics.

Have you ever experienced the tedium and frustration of having to repeatedly type your name, e-mail address, home page url, or other words or phrases again, again and again? Or do you frequently need to quickly insert images like your signature, location plan, or company logo into documents? Do you often introduce errors when retyping standard business text?Typinator is the right application for you.

Major Features:
  1. Easy to configure - simply define your abbreviations, expansions, and boilerplates in a list.
  2. Simple to use - just type your abbreviation and Typinator will expand it.
  3. Include script results in expansions.
  4. Text file includes.
  5. Pocket calculator.
  6. Date and time caclulations.
  7. Quickly create new snippets.
  8. Quickly search for snippets.
  9. Organize your snippets by their meaning and purpose.
  10. Built-in AutoCorrection sets with thousands of corrections for English, German, and French.
  11. Set options let you define individual settings per set.
  12. Synchronization support for DropBox and MobileMe iDisk.
  13. Import from Textpander, TextExpander, TypeIt4Me, text files, and Typinator sets from other users.
  14. Application-specific settings: Define which sets should be active in which applications, or disable Typinator for certain applications.
  15. Set the cursor position within the expanded text.
  16. Enable/disable individual sets.
  17. HTML snippets set with over 100 abbreviations for elements of the HTML 4.01 standard.
  18. Predefined FileMaker functions set with over 350 abbreviations of all FileMaker 9 functions.
  19. Insert the current clipboard into the expanded text.
  20. Works with any application.
  21. Inserts the current date and time.
  22. "Whole Word" expansion - optionally expand an abbreviation only if it is typed as an entire word.
  23. "Types" pictures.
  24. Preformatted text insertion
  25. Case sensitive expansion
  26. Search feature lets you instantly view only snippets that contain a specified search string.
  27. Option to temporarily suspend expansions.
  28. Full Unicode support
  29. Plain application (no special service to be installed)
  • Typinator requires Mac OS X 10.5 or newer.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).
  • Universal 32/64 bit Binary - runs on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs.
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